The Baroque Holy Trinity Column

The Baroque Holy Trinity Column was founded by Count Johann Anton Ernst Schaffgotsch in 1724. Its author is unknown. It was located where there had used to be an old linden tree under which Gotsche Schoff had founded a parsonage for the Cistercians from Krzeszów on June 16, 1403. In the medallion put in the shrine on which the column is placed, there are hidden dates, the so-called chronograms, which commemorate the completion of the reconstruction of the Church of St. John the Baptist after the fire of 1711, as well as bringing the Cistercians from Krzeszów to Cieplice in 1403. In 1785-1786, the Baroque-Classicistic figures of St. Hubert and St. Sebastian designed by Augustyn Wagner and funded by Jan Nepomucen Schaffgotsch were placed next to the column, on its both sides.