Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


The church was built in 1745 by protestants, with the permission the King of Prussia. Local champion Jerzy Porrmann, supervised the construction of walls. Roof and tower are work of carpenter from Zachełmie Gottfried Matern. In 1750 interior of the temple was built-up with wooden galleries and in 1796 sacristy was added. Only in 1807 a  clock has been added on a signature on a roof of the church.
From the time it was created in mid-18th century until 1946 the church served evangelicals and to date managed to retain some features characteristic of Protestant buildings. Currently it is being used by the Roman-Catholic parish in Sobieszów. The simple interior of the church is adorned with a rich altar and pulpit, its peculiar charm is conveyed by illusionistic paintings covering the vault. The entirety is complemented by a very valuable organ.