Czarne manor-house


One of very few Renaissance buildings in the city is located slightly out of the way, in the “czarne” district in Jelenia Góra. Stone palace from the sixteenth century, called the "manor" built and surrounded by a moat  in 1559,  by Caspar Schaffgotsch , representative of one of the most wealthy and powerful family in the region.
Manor burned down in 1623, to be  reconstructed in 1656 by new owner Ernest Nimptsch. During the numerous repairs, manor has not lost its Renaissance character. In 1679 the property and  farm, was bought by Jelenia Góra. After 1947, acquired by the State Farms manor, gradually began to fall into disrepair. Today it houses the  Ecological Culture Centre, called "Czarne" and due to his efforts slowly returning to glory.
Manor is a four-wing, two-storey building with a square tower at the corner. Inside the walls there is quadrangular courtyard with partially restored wooden gallery on the first floor.