Galery and Spa Theatre

Before the theatre had even been erected Cieplice were the venue for numerous plays, however, this form of entertainment began to flourish with the construction of the theatre building designed by Alberta Tolberga. 
Though small in size, the theatre operated on a grand scale. The stage saw not only the performances of professional actors but also talented patients and members of the Schaffgotsch family.
Later on, for the convenience of guests, it was merged with the nearby “Gallery”. The style of the “Gallery”, built in 1800, was inspired by ancient villas. It housed a concert hall, a reading room, social games room, cigar smoking room and a restaurant. 
Today the 19th century theatre building houses the Spa-Resort Animation Theatre which aside from its primary activity also organizes the cultural life of Cieplice.
If we go further along the park avenue, pass the Theatre and the Gallery leaving the Zdojowy Park, we will arrive at Cervi Street. To reach the next item on our itinerary we should turn right, cross the bridge on the Wrzosówka river and turn right before the emerging pond into the alley park. This is where we will start our tour of the Norwegian Park.