Gerhart Hauptmann’s house

Municipal Museum House of Gerhart Hauptmann in Jagniątków
A German writer, Noble-prize winner Gerhart Hauptmann was born in Szczawno-Zdrój but enchanted by the undeniable charm of Jagniątków decided to build his house there. The villa, which the artist called “Meadow Stone” (“Wiesenstein”) was built in 1901 according to the design of a Berlin Architect, Hans Griesebach. The Art Noveau shape of the building with two towers is an excellent match for the mountainous landscape, and the nearby park boosted the owner’s creative prolificacy.
The interior of the spacious house contains a work room, library, archive and numerous collections of ancient and modern works of art and personal memorabilia. In 1922, on Hauptmann’s 60th birthday, the villa’s hall welcomed the addition of a painting by Johannes Maximilian Avenarius, who presented his vision of paradise on the walls and ceiling. The work, which is full of symbolism, manages to astonish visitors to date. Following Gerhart Hauptmannn’s death in 1946, his wife left the house taking most of the valuable fittings with her. 
In 2001 a museum collecting memorabilia from the writer’s life and conducting broad educational activities was opened in the „Meadow Stone”. It is the venue of concerts, literary evenings, temporary exhibitions and other cultural events addressed to adults and younger visitors. After watching the museum exhibition we may enjoy the atmosphere of the villa while drinking a cup of coffee in the coffee house located in the ground floor of the building.