Long house


The monastery building was built in 1671 - 1684 and is a modest, two-storey building with a cloister. Currently it is occupied by a congregation of Piarists, who currently host Saint John the Baptist’s Church.
The so-called Long House erected by the Cistercians in 1689-93 based on an older 16th century building is much more impressive. It was built in the early Baroque style and to date managed to retain characteristic features in its front elevation. Created for the health resort patients, it was the first spa house in Cieplice. Following the dissolution of the order in 1810 it was bought by the Schaffgotsches, who placed their book collection and rich collections of natural exhibits, minerals, militaria, works of art and family heirlooms in it. After World War II the building was taken over by the Cieplice Health Resort and adapted to house offices and a clinic. 
Within the monastery buildings lies the ‘Marysieńka’ pavilion, built in 1710 and reconstructed 100 years later and topped with a dome. Opposite of the Long House, by the bridge over the Kamienna river, is the 18th century statue of Saint John of Nepomuk founded by Count Schaffgotsch.