Jelenia Gora almost since its inception, and certainly since the fourteenth century, was belted by a double defensive wall. The lower outer wall has become a dry moat, and the inside wall was reinforced by an internal 36 bastions. Three town gates (“Długa”, “Wojanowska” and “Zamkowa Tower”) had their own towers, bastions and barbicans. . Until now, only fragments of  these walls survived : Tower Wojanowska with  bastion, and  St. Anne Chapel . A lot of the walls ,were woven into new buildings at "Jelenia" street ,  and two independent objects still exists - castle tower and so called "Grodzka Tower". The castle tower was built in the fourteenth century. Has collapsed after a fire in 1550. The present structure is a cylinder (7.57 m diameter) with an octagonal superstructure, under it , the viewpoint with a balustrade was placed. On the metal flag , located at the top of the tower,  deer figure  and date of construction of the "1584" is inscribed . On the third and fourth floor can be seen loopholes, by these cross-shaped it was possible to  shoot from cannons. Since the time when gate, at which stood the tower, were closing the road leading to the castle ,which once stood on the hill Krzywoustego, gate was called  "Zamkowa". The gate was demolished in 1833 and the tower was left as lookout point. "Grodzka Tower", named after the location in the Grodzka street, was created in the fifteenth century as one of the 36 bastion, reinforcing the city walls. In the eighteenth century, including the raised terraced, served as living quarters. The entrance to the "tower" leads through the Baroque portal (moved from the demolished tenement), on which is placed the date 1679. In addition,  three Baroque architectural details of the not existing today surrounding buildings were built into a wall.