Saviour’s Evangelical church



The church was built in 1774 - 1777. It is among the most precious Lutheran buildings of the Silesian Baroque era.

The interior is simple, hall-like and its beauty lies in the Rococo fittings. The dominant element of the church is the altar, a true architectural treat. The wooden structure is adorned with gildings and sculptures with a painting of Christ, referencing the patron of the temple, in the centre. The wall over the altar houses an equally impressive organ front and behind is a 1927 instrument, the work of Gustaw Heintze, an organ builder from Żary. The entirety is complemented by a richly ornamented pulpit.  The nave of the temple is surrounded by two-storied matronea. The interior is painted in white, the high windows providing excellent lighting to the interior further emphasizing its beauty.

Until the 1970s the church was surrounded by a Lutheran necropolis. The cemetery was liquidated, the tombstones removed and the area developed. Its only remaining memento is the so-called ‘Remembrance Lantern’ standing next to the church (from the side of Veteran’s Square – Plac Kombatanta).

From the church, we are going right, soon to be welcomed by the sight of the most impressive building in Cieplice, the seat of its former owners, the Palace of the Schaffgotsch family.