Schaffgotsch palace


The Schaffgotsch family, ruling vast lands around Karkonosze Mountains, settled in Cieplice in 1675. Their previous seat was the Chojnik castle, burned down due to a stroke of lightning. They settled in an old manor house which also succumbed to the destructive force of fire. Designed by Jan Jerzy Rudolph from Opole, the new seat of the family was built in 1783 - 1788. The façade of the building awes with its size as it is over 80m long and has three stories. Its greatest ornament are two semi-circularly finished porticos with richly ornamented cartouches carrying the family crest of the owners. 
The interior boasts richly ornamented early classicistic fittings. The most prominent room is the ball room with rich moulding adorning the walls and ceiling and flooring made of several kinds of wood. The two salons, yellow and blue, padded with silk fabric are equally plush. The other interiors have been rebuilt after World War II.
The palace currently houses a branch of the Wrocław University of Technology.
Advancing on the Piastowski Square on the right side we will pass the buildings of the health resort. It is the Zdrojowy House with a well-room and pools used in treatment. You may be interested to find that in the 18th century this place also housed a pond used to treat animals called the „Horse Spring”.  Opposite there is a free-standing bell tower at the foot of which is a gate leading on to St. John the Baptist’s Church and a monastery building. If we turn right before the gate, on the left side we will see the so-called Long House, deeper inside there are other buildings of the post-Cistercian complex and directly in front a statue of Saint John of Nepomuk