St. Anne’s Chapel

The first bastel house here was built in the 15th century as one of the defensive elements of the Wojanowska Gate. In 1514 it was thoroughly rebuilt and started to be used in a double role as a bastel house and a chapel.
Unfortunately, the building did not survive the Thirty Years’ War - it burned down in a huge fire in 1634. Some 100 years later (1709-1715), it was rebuilt according to the design of an architect, Kasper Jentsch.
The modest fittings of the chapel: a Baroque altar painting of St. Anna with Mary, Baby Jesus, St. Joachim and Joseph, were also made in that period.
The original purpose of the building is evidenced by embrasures visible in the chapel walls. There is also a plaque commemorating the 840th anniversary of the city on the east wall, and below, a damaged reconciliation cross.
If we cross the Wojanowska Gate and advance further to 1 Maja Street, we may admire tenement houses with interesting and rich 19th and 20th century facades. Some tenement houses still hold the previously mentioned tram system fixtures (see ‘Jelenia Góra Trams’) in the shape of rosettes.  After a few-minute march, we arrive at St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Church