St. Martin’s church


The church dates from around 1305, although the first mention of it is from the year 1380. It had then other dedication - St. Barbara. In 1520 it was taken over by the Protestants, who rebuild it in the spirit of the Renaissance. In 1654, the church comes back into the hands of Catholics who give it a new dedication - St. Martin. In the years 1778-1782 the Cistercians rebuild the church in the Baroque style, by equipping it according to the contemporary era. Implementation of the altar was commissioned to Augustine Wagner from Jelenia Gora, and the paintings to it were created in Wroclaw by painter named Kynast. At this time, arises also a wooden baptismal font and pulpit. Classicistic organ prospect and pipe organs originate in 1873 . From 1887 to 1888 the painter Hieronymus Richter repainted altarpieces. Stained glass windows were made in 1921. The church was built on a rectangular plan of ashlars stone. The nave has dimensions of 21 to 15 meters adjoining the east chancel and sacristy of 13 to 15 m. The whole were covered with a gable roof covered with tiles. Before entering the church, the statues of St. St. Florian and Leonard of 1803 are standing on pedestals . Probably from the late sixteenth century originates the freestanding bell tower. however it was thoroughly rebuilt in the years 1647-1653. The bell hanging there was made from an old cannon from the castle Chojnik. cemetery located around the church , was liquidated In the years 1974-1975, leaving behind a few epitaphs in the wall of the temple.