St. Peter and Paul’s church


The first mention of the church dates from 1319. Most likely, it was founded by Zedlitzowie, the owners of the village at that time. After the death of the last Catholic parson  in 1538, it passed into the hands of the Protestants. In 1707, during the renovation of the church , a metal flag with the date of construction and the letters "FFFV" inscribed on it  ,which has been preserved to this day,  was placed on the top of the tower. Polish Catholic parish was erected here in 1946. The church is a small, one-nave Gothic-Renaissance building, arranged on a rectangular plan. From the south, the sacristy is adjacent to it. The interior is decorated in baroque style ,with three altars and pulpit from the mid-eighteenth century. Above the entrance pipe organ prospect. The church and church cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall, showing the defensive characteristics of the building. One bastion preserved to this day.