Wojanowska tower and gate

Wojanowska Tower and adjacent to it  bastion, were medieval fortification, which were used to guard the gate which led to the road to Wojanów. Dungeons served as a prison. It is known that on December 4, 1480, due to strong winds, the tower collapsed, burying five people under the rubble. Quickly it was rebuilt to its present form, placing clock at the top, and covering the whole with  dome and lantern.
The tower, that guarded the Wojanowska gate was located at the exit of today's Konopnicka street. Moat, a drawbridge, the double set of bars and solid doors, protected the gate.
Until 1775, this site housed an impressive gate strengthened with a tower; the gate allowed entry to the city from Wojanów (hence the name). After it was demolished it was quickly replaced with a new one - more modest, baroque gate with a wicket. Its function was to maintain order and serve as a tollbooth. The building lost its character with time. At the beginning of the 19th century it was disassembled and moved to the area of military barracks of the time, located at today’s  Obrońcy Pokoju Street. It is preserved in good condition and in 1998, following comprehensive renovations, was returned to its former place. 
The gate is ornamented with Rococo cartouches containing the emblems of Jelenia Góra, Silesia and Prussia and an occasional inscription.