Epitaph 14


Epitaph 14
Epitafium nr 14

Allhier ruhet

Der Staub und Aschen

Der Meih: Wohl Edlen Hoch Ehr

und Tugend begabten Frauen Rossa

Kretschmerin Geb: Frömbergin

Titl: Weil. Hernn Balthasar Thomae

Kretschmers Med: Doct: und allhiesig

Wohlmeritirten Bürgermisters

Eheliebste Welche Anno 1647 den

18. Febr: gebohren Anno 1662

Sich verheuratet Vier Söhne

und Sechs Töchter gezeuget

und nach hinterlegten 56 Jahren

33 Wochen 3 Tagen. dieses Zeitliche

mit den Ewigen verwechselt Erwartende

eine allgemeine


Here rests

Ash and dust

Of once noble, high-born

And virtuous, gifted Mrs. Rose

Kretchmer, née Frömerg.

Tit: Late Mr. Balthasar Thomas

Kretchmer, medicine doctor and local

Highly distinguished mayor’s

Beloved wife, who was born

On 18th of February 1647.

She got married in 1662, begot

Four sons

And six daughters,

And after living 56 years,

33 weeks and 3 days, this mortal life

She exchanged for eternity, awaiting

The common



Text of the inscription is carved in minuscule with concave letters.


Southern side of the church presbytery. Rectangular stone plaque, currently mounted in the church wall with cement and metal hooks. The text filling the plaque is flanked by an ornament in the shape of drapery; At the top are two putti.

The Kretschmers owned a local winery. Melchior Kretschmer was a founder of Merchants Guild. Several of the family members were mayors, just like mentioned here Balthasar Thomas Kretschmer. Born in Jelenia Góra, he studied medicine and practiced as physician in Chojnów, then became a town councillor and, from 1674, a mayor. He was also a well-known author of medical works.

Edited by Ivo Łaborewicz, Translated by Agnieszka Krzysztoń