Epitaph 21


Epitaph 21
Epitafium 21

Ao: 94 den 17. Octob.

ist in Got Selig

Entschlafen Maria, im 97

den 18. Ivly

Martinvs, Melcher Tilisches beide Liebe


In [15]94 on 17th October

in God

Fell asleep Maria, in [15]97

on 18th July

Martinus, Mechler Tilisch both beloved



Text of the inscription is carved in majuscule with convex letters.


Southern part of church presbytery, on western side of outside chapel. Sandstone, rectangular plaque flanked with relief with floral motifs; it depicts two children standing (smaller boy and bigger girl), above them the inscription. The plaque is topped with a cartouche containing house mark of Melchior Tilisch.

The Tilisch family was one of the oldest in Jelenia Góra’s patricians. Several members of the family were mayors, just like the first known Michael Tilisch from around 1480. In 1569 Melchior Tilisch bought the ponds in Garbary. Here was the main residence of the family, their property with a palace. In 1638 Melchior Tilisch became the mayor of Jelenia Góra, perhaps the same one that was mentioned in the inscription? He was the son of a town councillor and the heir of Dąbrowica of the same name.

Edited by Ivo Łaborewicz, Translated by Agnieszka Krzysztoń